How do I get started in Monsum?

Welcome to Monsum! If you’re looking to start billing for subscriptions, we’re here to help you get started. If you haven’t created a Monsum account yet, review Monsum’s Pricing to choose a plan and set up your account.
Once you have your Monsum account created, feel free to jump to the relevant section, or scroll through this article:

Customise Your Settings

In Monsum, there are several settings available to customize your account.
Select any of the below settings to get started:
  • Primary Data - Set up how your business information appears on subscriptions and invoices
  • Basic Settings - Set up your VAT percentage, default number ranges, email delivery, region, API and more
  • Communication Settings - Customize how communications from your Monsum account are sent out for your clients
    • Document Templates
    • Email Templates
    • Dunning Process
    • Hosted Pages
  • Payment Settings - Set up online payments with Stripe, which includes test data to make test payments on your subscriptions

If you have additional team members, you can invite them to work together with you using User Management.

Create a Product or Client

Before you can create a subscription and start billing, a product or client must be created first.


Products are the goods and/or services you bill your clients on invoices and subscriptions. There are two types of products you can create, main products and addons.
  • Main Products - Standard and always available
  • Addons - One-time additional products that are billed along with main products
Create your first product with the steps in What are products? here.


Clients are people that pay for your products and/or services. You can add, manage and delete clients as your business grows, as well as allow your clients to fill out their own information when completing the booking with you.
Create your first client with the steps in What are clients? here.

Create a Subscription

Once a product or client is created, a subscription can be made. Subscriptions generate invoices automatically based on the frequency you choose. You can customize them to generate once, or indefinitely for recurring products/services. You can set up subscriptions for your existing clients, or send new clients a booking form which can collect their information and generate subscriptions for them.
Create a subscription with the steps in How do I create subscriptions? here. If needed, review these extra resources:

Run Tests and Activate Your Account

Before going live, we recommend testing your system to ensure that everything is set up correctly with the below:
  • Create a new client using an alternate email address you own, and send the client a subscription by email
  • Create a new product and send a checkout form for the subscription of the product to your new client
  • Use Stripe’s testing data to pay for subscriptions

Once you’ve finished testing, make sure to delete your test data (clients, subscriptions, invoices and more). To delete, use these steps:
  1. Go to the Clients, Subscriptions, or Products section of your Monsum account
  2. Check the box(es) off next to the test data
  3. Then select the gear icon at the top of the list
  4. Select Delete, then select the Delete button again to confirm.
If you have any difficulties deleting your test data, please contact our support directly. Once your test data is deleted, your Onboarding Specialist will help you activate your account when you’re ready.