How do I manage my basic settings?

The Basic Settings sub-tab allows you to enter additional information like sales tax, customize your Monsum account with number ranges, and includes settings for region, email, API and more.

Access Basic Settings

To access your Basic Settings, use these steps:
  1. Select Account Settings in the top right corner
  2. Then select Settings
    Settings selected from account settings menu.

  3. Under the Basic Settings sub-tab, select the relevant sub-tab needed. After editing, select Save to finish.
    Basic Settings tab hovered over to show additional sub-tabs to navigate to.

Basic Settings

Company Information

Only Default Sales Tax Percentage and Default Payment Date are required when setting up your account:
  • Status - If needed, check this box off if you're not required to charge sales tax
  • Default Sales Tax Percentage - Enter the amount of sales tax to charge
  • Default Payment Date - Specify the number of days until payment is due, or check the box off next to Upon receipt if you want payment to be due on the same day
  • Return Debit Note Fee - If needed, specify the fee to charge for returns
  • Number of Decimal Places on Invoice - If needed, change the default from 2 to a different number of decimal places, this will affect the rounding of individual items in your invoices and subscriptions

Number Ranges

  • Next Invoice Number - This is set to 1001 by default, to change the format, select Change format
    • If changing the format:
      • Counter - The starting digit for your invoice number that will increment +1 with each new invoice
      • Counter Number of Digits - How many digits you want in the invoice number altogether, the larger the digits, the more room you have for incrementing +1
      • Prefix/Suffix - Choose any alphanumeric text to appear before and/or after your invoice number
      • Placeholder - Select the Placeholder link to insert time-based placeholders in the invoice number prefix or suffix
  • Next Client - This is set to 1001 by default, change this to any alphanumeric text for your client's unique IDs, including the number of digits
  • Next Product - This is set to 1001 by default, change this to any alphanumeric text for your product’s unique ids, including the number of digits

Email Delivery

During setup, automatic emails are sent using Monsum’s mail servers for testing purposes. If you use your own mail server, ensure it's correctly configured so that your emails aren’t accidentally marked as spam in your clients’ email servers.
  • Sender Name - This appears as the name on all emails sent to your clients
  • Reply-to Address - This is used on all emails Monsum sends to your clients on your behalf, so any replies go back to this email used
  • SPF Record has been set? - Check this box off if you have confirmed your SPF Record is correctly set up to allow Monsum to email on your behalf

SPF Record

Ensure that your domain has an SPF Record with the following information:
Outgoing Address for
Domain for SPF Recordip4:
IP For SPF Recordip4:
If you're using your own SMTP Server, fill out these additional fields:
  • Server
  • Username
  • Password
  • Encrypting - Choose between No, TLS, or SSL
  • Port - If left blank, this will use the standard port (TLS = 25 / SSL = 465)

Regional Data

Regional Data allows you to set your default currency and other formats used throughout your account:
  • Currency - Choose a supported currency to bill in
  • Date Format - Choose between,, dd/mm/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, or mm/dd/yy for the formatting of your invoice and subscription dates
  • Thousand Separator - Choose between 1.000, 1,000 or 1’000
  • Decimal Separator - Choose between 19,99 or 19.99

API and Notifications

API and Notifications allows you to access your unique API Key to securely authenticate to Monsum’s API. You can also generate a new key, review Monsum’s API Documentation, or create new webhooks.
To create a new webhook:
  1. Select Account Settings in the top right corner
  2. Then select Settings
  3. Under the Basic Settings tab, select the API and Notifications sub-tab
  4. Then select the New Webhook button
  5. For Type, choose URL or Email
  6. Next, enter in the full URL, Username and Password
  7. For Notification Types, check the boxes off next to the notifications you want to send
  8. If needed, select Send test notification next to any notification type to view how it’s received
  9. When you’re done, select Save webhook to finish.

Advanced Settings

Customize additional settings around cancellations and 0 items on invoices:
  • Cancellation Approval
    • Activate - Check this box off if cancellation requests need to be approved manually first
  • Invoicing
    • Do not write invoice items with an amount of 0 on invoices - Hide any item on the invoice that has an amount of 0