How do I manage my email templates?

Monsum sends out email on your behalf for all activity in your account to your clients. Email templates are available for you to customize in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and in Russian.

Access Email Templates

To access your email templates, use these steps:
  1. Select Account Settings in the top right corner
  2. Then select Settings
    Settings selected from account settings menu.

  3. Under the Communication sub-tab, Select the Email Templates sub-tab.

Next to each email, you can do any of the following:
  • On / Off - Select to turn the email on or off
  • Email Type / + - Select the email type name or the + button to edit the email
  • Restore default text - While editing the email, select this link to restore back to the default email copy
  • Save all - Select this at the bottom of the page to save your Email Template settings

Billing and Payment

  • Payment Chargeback - If the payment fails, the client is notified to resubmit payment again with any incurred fees
  • Payment Failed - If the payment fails, the client is notified to update their payment
  • New Invoice - Notifies client of a new invoice with a link to the Invoice and their dashboard
  • Upcoming Payment - Notifies client of an upcoming payment with a link to their dashboard


  • Checkout Link - When sending link by email inside a client’s profile, this notifies the client to complete the subscription with a link
  • Subscription Canceled - Notifies client their subscription is canceled
  • Subscription Changed - Notifies client their subscription is updated
  • Subscription Deactivated - Notifies client their subscription has been deactivated and encourages them to contact your business
  • Subscription Purchased - Notifies client their subscription is active
  • Subscription Reactivated - Notifies client their subscription has been reactivated, whether their subscription’s termination date has been reached or not
  • Contract Extension Announcement - Notifies client their trial has been extended
  • End of Trial Period - Sent shortly before the trial period ends, client is notified their trial period is ending soon and payment for subscription will be due


  • Client Data Updated - Notifies client their client information (including details and payment) has been updated
  • Credit Card Expiration - Notifies client their credit card on file will expire shortly with a link to update payment
  • Client Password Reset - Sends client a new password when a password reset is requested


  • Invoice Cancellation Denied - Sends to the user that submitted an invoice cancellation Request if their request was rejected with a link to the Invoice
  • Invoice Cancellation Approved - Sends to the user that submitted an invoice cancellation request if their request was approved with a link to the invoice
  • Invoice Cancellation Requested - Sends to the owner of the Monsum account, when an user requests an invoice cancellation for approval with a link to the invoice

Email Text Placeholders

Placeholders allow you to substitute placeholder text with the appropriate value when the email is generated and sent. Placeholders begin and end with the % symbol.

Invoice and Subscription Data

PlaceholderDetailsExample on Email
Bank Account number
Account Owner
Jill Smith
Sort Code
Bank Identification Code (BIC)
Cancellation Date
Cancellation Link…
Chargeback Fee
EUR 9.00
Chargeback Total
EUR 20.00
Checkout Link…
Creditor -
Identification Number
€ / EUR
End Date of the Trial Period, for End of Trial Period email only
DE 23 10000000 1234567890
Invoice Date
Invoice Link…
Invoice Number
Invoice Period
01/01/2023 - 02/01/2023
Product Price
EUR 11.90
Product Quantity
Product Title
Start Date, for Subscription Changed emails only
Length of the first contract term of the Subscription
12 weeks
Length of the follow-up contract period of the Subscription
9 weeks
Subscription ID
Subscription Interval
2 weeks
Total Amount
EUR 100.00
Tracking ID…

Client Data

PlaceholderDetailsExample on Email
Address Line 1 / Street
123 Street Name
Address Line 2
Unit 987
Company Name
Sample Ltd
Link to Client Profile…
%cust_first name%
First Name
Last Name
Customer Number
Link to Client Dashboard…
Email Address
New Password
Dear Sir
%zip code%
Postal Code