How does the dunning process work?

Dunning is the process of asking your clients for money that is owed. This is done through communications to the client and retrying payments. The dunning process is available for you to customize in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and in Russian.
Reminders are sent automatically for users on the Pro plan. Lite plan users have to send reminders manually.
To access your dunning process, use these steps:
  1. Select Account Settings in the top right corner
  2. Select Settings
    Settings selected under Account Settings menu.

  3. Under the Communication sub-tab, select the Dunning sub-tab.
    Dunning Process selected in Communication dropdown.
The dunning process sends clients a payment reminder with three additional reminders afterwards. Each reminder can be customized:

Payment Reminder section with fields and settings to fill out.
  • Use FastBill Standard Text - If checked off, this uses the default text, or if unchecked, you can enter your own reminder text
    • If entering a custom reminder text, this will replace the email body inside your Document Template’s email template
  • Reminder Template - Uses the Standard Document Template by default, which includes the subject line, salutation, text and signature automatically, select to change to a different Document Template if needed
  • Days Reminder Period - Specify the number of days after the payment due date before sending a reminder
    • For example, if a reminder is to be sent every week, the payment reminder would be set to 7 days, then the first reminder set to 14 days, the second reminder set to 21 days and the last reminder set to 28 days
  • Euro Reminder Fee - Specify the fee to charge per reminder, the newest reminder fee will overwrite the previous reminder fee if applied to multiple reminders
    • For example, if charging €5 per reminder, the first reminder Fee should be €5, then the second reminder fee €10, then the last reminder fee €15 so that €5 is incremented each time
  • Deactivate Subscription - If checked off, when the particular reminder is sent, the subscription will be deactivated
  • Try Payment Again - If checked off, the payment will be retried during this reminder, and if it fails again, a reminder email will be sent to the client
The Monsum Support team can activate these additional reminder options:
  • Include the original Invoice in the payment reminder and/or additional reminders
  • Use separate Document Templates for payment reminders and reminders