What are clients?

Clients are people that pay for your products and/or services. You can add, manage and delete clients as your business grows, as well as allow your clients to fill out their own information when completing the booking with you. Clients also have the option to update their information with you through their client dashboard.

Create Clients

Create a new client with these steps:
  1. Select Clients at the top of the page
  2. Then select the Add New Client button
    Add new client button above list of clients.
  3. For Client Type, choose between Business Client which makes Company Name a required field, or Private Client which makes First Name and Last Name required fields
  4. The Customer Number is automatically populated for you based on your Number Ranges in Basic Settings, adjust this if needed
  5. Next, enter the Company Name, this is required if Business Client is selected
  6. If needed, choose a Title with None, Mr, Ms or enter in a custom title
  7. Next, enter the First Name and Last Name, this is required if Private Client is selected
  8. If needed, fill out these optional fields:
    1. Enter your address in the Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Postal Code, Town and Country fields
    2. For Language, choose from German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese or Russian
    3. Enter a Phone Number and/or Fax Number
    4. Enter an Email Address and/or additional emails in the Email Address (CC) field if there are multiple contacts for your client
    5. Currency is set to your default currency in Regional Settings in Basic Settings by default, adjust this as needed
    6. Enter a VAT ID and/or Tax Number
    7. For Affiliate, enter any identifying information
    8. Consent to receive newsletter is checked off by default, uncheck this if your client doesn’t want to receive newsletters from you
    9. In the Free Text box, enter any additional information about your client
  9. Next, customize the Terms and Method of Payment for your client:
    1. For Payment Method, choose between Wire Transfer or Credit Card
    2. For Payment Deadline, choose between the default 14 Days, Immediately, or select Change to update the number of days
    3. For Invoicing, choose whether you’d like your client to receive invoices with No or by Email
  10. Then select Add Client to save your new client.

Manage Clients

From the Clients section, you can hover over any client, select the gear icon and select either:

Gear icon with options to select while hovering over a client.
  • Client Details - Access your client’s profile
  • Delete - Permanently remove the client from your list
Alternatively, check off any box(es) next to your clients, select the gear icon at the top of the list, and select either:

Gear icon with options to select while checking off boxes next to clients.
  • Select all - Checks the boxes off next to all clients on your list
  • Select none - Unchecks all boxes off next to all clients on your lists
  • Edit Tags - Add or remove tags for the selected clients
Filter your list of Clients by selecting the Filter List button and filter your search with any of the below:
Filter list button above list of clients.
  • Payment - Choose from Wire Transfer, Credit Card or both
  • Affiliate - Choose a specific affiliate
  • Country - Choose a specific country
Then select Use Filter to apply the filters, Show All to reset the filter, or Hide Filter to close it from your view.
To export your clients, review How do I export my data? instead.

Client Profile

Any client’s profile can be viewed by going to the Clients section and selecting any client in your list. You’ll land on the Client Overview tab by default:

Overview of a client's profile with additional sub-tabs.


In the Overview sub-tab, you can find the below information:
  • Select Task
    • Client Dashboard - Select to view the client’s dashboard
    • Add Credit - Select to add a credit to the client’s credit balance
    • Send Email - Select to send a one-time email to the client, the CC, BCC, subject line and body can be customized with the option to send a copy of the email to yourself
  • Totals - Displays the client’s outstanding total from invoices, total payments received, and any available credit balance
  • Primary Data - Display’s the client’s information, select Edit to update it
  • Individual Attributes - Select the Individual Attributes link to add any custom information specific to this client, like a license key for the subscription
  • Payment Data - Display’s the client’s current payment settings, select Edit to update it
  • Tags - Select to add or remove tags associated with the client
  • Internal Notes - Keep track of your client details by recording private notes that are only visible to you and your team, select Save Note to finish


In the Subscriptions sub-tab, a list of all subscriptions associated with the client is shown. Select the New Subscription button to create the subscription with the specific client’s information already included.


In the Payments sub-tab, a list of all payments associated with the client is shown.


In the Invoices sub-tab, a list of all subscriptions associated with the client is shown, along with these options:
  • Create New Invoice - Select the Create New Invoice button to create the invoice with the specific client’s information already included
  • Export - Export your invoices as a CSV or XLSX file
  • Download - Export your invoices as a PDF file