As a client, how do I use my client dashboard?

As a client, you can always pay subscriptions and invoices with the link provided. You’ll also have a link to your client dashboard, which allows you to review what information and payment on file you have with the business, along with all active subscriptions and their associated invoices. The client dashboard allows you to update your payment information, view and download invoices and cancel subscriptions.

Access Client Dashboard

To access your client dashboard, open any email sent from the business and select the dashboard link:
Email with link to dashboard.

Client Dashboard Options

In your client dashboard, you can access the following:
  • General Information - Your company name, name, address and email address
  • Payment Method - The current payment on file
  • Edit Data - Select this to edit your General Information and your Payment Method
  • Subscription Overview - Lists all your subscriptions, select any subscription to view:
    • Start Date and Next Payment Date
    • Invoices Generated - Lists all invoices with their invoice number, date and total and a download link to save the invoice as a PDF
    • Cancel - Select this to cancel your subscription, depending on the subscription terms, this cancelation may occur instantly or may require a specific number of days to be completed first before canceling