As a client, how do I pay for a subscription?

If you’re a client and you've received a checkout link for a subscription, use the below steps to pay:
  1. Select the checkout link that was sent to you
    Checkout link in an email.
  2. Review the Plan and Invoice Data, and if needed, change the Quantity to purchase any of the available add-ons, this will be added to your subscription
    Fields to adjust the quantity of add-ons.
  3. If you have a Coupon, enter it in the Coupon Code field
    Field to enter coupon code.
  4. For Invoice Data, add in your personal information or review the entered information to ensure it's correct
  5. Select Continue
  6. Next, choose the payment method for the subscription:
    1. If Credit Card is selected, enter the Cardholder’s Name and Card Details, then select Continue
    2. If Direct Debit is selected, enter the Account Owner’s Name, IBAN, BIC, and Bank Numbers, then select Continue
    3. If Invoice is selected, select Continue
  7. Verify the subscription details, and select Order Now with Payment. The subscription will now be active.
If you’d like to cancel the subscription anytime, use your client dashboard to cancel the subscription.