How do I create subscriptions?

Create a subscription which generates invoices automatically based on the frequency you choose. Subscriptions can be customized to generate only one invoice for one-offs, or indefinitely for recurring products/services. You can set up subscriptions for your existing clients, or send your clients a checkout link which can collect their information and generate subscriptions for them.
Subscriptions can only be created after a client or product is created first.

For New Clients

Have subscriptions created when new clients fill out the checkout link on their own. This will create a new client in your account, with their information filled out, along with their subscription.
  1. Select Products at the top of the page
  2. On the right side next to the product that you want to create a subscription for, select the link out icon
    Link out icon to the right of a Product.

  3. Copy this link and share it with your clients. Your clients can pay with the steps here.

For Existing Clients

Send an existing client a new subscription with the specific product(s). This is ideal if you already have the client’s information, which will be pre-filled in when you send them a subscription using these steps:
  1. Select the Clients section
  2. Then select the Client you want to create a subscription for
  3. Next, select the Subscriptions sub-tab in the client’s profile
    Client profile with the subscription sub-tab selected.
  4. Then select the New Subscription button
    New subscription button above list of client's subscriptions.
  5. Choose the Product to create a subscription with
  6. For Checkout option, choose between Checkout form or Send Link via Email
  7. If needed, for Invoice Email, check the box off next to Hold back the invoice email (only for direct purchase)
  8. Select Continue
  9. If Send Link via Email is selected, your client will receive an email with a link to complete the checkout link themselves
  10. If Checkout Link is selected:
    1. In Plan and Invoice Data, if needed, change the Quantity for any add-ons to add to the Subscription
      Fields to adjust the quantity of add-ons.
    2. If you have a Coupon, enter it in the Coupon Code field
      Field to enter coupon code.
    3. Review the client’s information
    4. Select Continue
    5. Next, choose the payment method for the Subscription:
      1. If Credit Card is selected, enter the Cardholder’s Name and Card Details, then select Continue
      2. If Direct Debit is selected, enter the Account Owner’s Name, IBAN, BIC, and Bank Numbers, then select Continue
      3. If Invoice is selected, select Continue
    6. Verify the subscription details, and select Order Now. The subscription will now be active for your client.

Manage Subscriptions

From the subscriptions section you can either:
  • Delete - Hover next to any subscription and select the gear icon to permanently delete it
    Gear icon with options while hovering over a subscription.
  • View Subscription Details - Select a subscription to view details for it

Subscription Details

Access a subscription’s details from either the clients or subscriptions section:
  1. Select the Clients section
    1. Then select the client you want to view subscriptions for
    2. Next, select the Subscriptions sub-tab
    3. Then select the specific subscription
  2. Or select on the Subscriptions section
    1. Then select the specific subscription.
In the Subscription Details, you can access:

Subscription details with information on subscription and invoices generated from it.
  • Enter Coupon Code - Enter a coupon code that will apply as a discount on their next invoice
  • Change Next Payment - Choose the new date for their next invoice, with the option to notify the client by email and to immediately start a billing cycle if a past date is selected
  • Cancel Subscription - Choose a cancellation date, and enter any notes, with the option to suppress the cancellation email to the client
  • Details
    • Status - Displays the current status of the subscription
    • Start Date - When the subscription began
    • Current Period - Specifies the period that the current subscription covers, before the next bill date
    • Cancellation Date - When the subscription ended
    • Products - What product(s) are being charged in the subscription, along with their price
    • Individual Attributes - Select Details to add any custom information specific to this subscription, like a license key
    • Change Product, Change Product Quantity, Change Price - Select these links to update the product, quantity or price as needed
  • Client - Displays the current client information
  • Events - Displays all payments for the subscription


Subscriptions use the following statuses:
  • Active - Subscription is billing the client
  • Trial - Subscription is not billing until the trial period is finished
  • Inactive - Subscription is deactivated due to a payment issue, no longer billing
  • Closed - Subscription has reached its maximum retry limit, no longer billing
  • Canceled - Subscription has reached its cancellation date and is no longer billing


How do I create a subscription based on usage or consumption?
This can be done through the API using the usage data calls.