How do I create and manage invoices?

Manage invoices created by subscriptions by adding payments, resending, printing, copying and more. You can also create a one-off invoice to bill your client separately outside of a subscription as needed.

Create Invoices

Create a one-off invoice with these steps:
  1. Select the Subscriptions tab
  2. Then select the Invoices sub-tab
    Invoices section under Subscriptions tab.
  3. Next, select the Create New Invoice button
    Create new invoice button above list of invoices.
  4. For Client, select the client you want to create an invoice for
  5. If needed, modify the below:
    1. Invoice Date defaults to today’s date, select Change to update it
    2. Default Settings defaults to your standard template, select Change to switch templates
    3. Services Rendered defaults to services rendered on invoice date, this can be overwritten with a custom message
    4. Introduction matches your template’s current settings, select Change to update it
  6. Next, add your first line item by specifying the Amount or Unit
  7. For Item No., enter the number of your new Product or select Search to select from your existing products
  8. If needed, add in or update the Description of the product
  9. If needed, add in or update the Individual Price and select either Even to apply sales tax after the subtotal or Gross to apply sales tax before the subtotal
  10. If needed, check the box off next to Reverse Charge
  11. Then select Preview to view the invoice as a PDF, Save Draft to exit without sending it to your client, or Create Invoice.

View Invoices

View all invoices generated by your subscription with these steps:
  1. Select the Subscriptions tab
  2. Then select the Invoices sub-tab.
Select any invoice to preview the invoice along with additional options:

Invoice preview with additional buttons.
  • Print - Open the invoice as a PDF in a new window for printing
  • Download - Download the invoice as a PDF
  • Client Communications - Send the invoice by email as a PDF attachment, with the option to add additional emails as CC and/or BCC, with a customizable subject line and body
  • Payment - Lists all payments for the invoice, with the option to create payment, collect payment, or create a refund - review How do I manage my Payments? for more details
  • Tools
    • Reminders - Create a reminder email to notify your client, with the option to include a late payment fee
    • Create a Cancellation Invoice - Create a cancellation invoice for a partial or full amount for the specific invoice being refunded
    • Back to Draft - Revert the invoice back to draft status
  • Comments - Add or delete comments that can only be viewed by you and your users

Manage Invoices

From the invoices section, you can hover over any invoice, select the gear icon and select either:

Gear icon while hovering over Invoice with additional options.
  • Details - Access the invoice preview with additional options
  • Download - Download the invoice as a PDF
  • Payments - Quickly view all payments for the invoice
  • Duplicate - Create a copy of the invoice as a draft

Alternatively, check off any box(es) next to your invoices, select the gear icon at the top of the list, and select either:

Gear icon above list of invoices with additional options.
  • Select all - Checks the boxes off next to all invoices on your list
  • Select none - Unchecks all boxes off next to all invoices on your lists
  • Download - Download the selected invoices as a .zip file with individual PDFs
  • Download Reminders - Download the selected invoices’ reminder emails as a .zip file with individual emails
  • Send - Send the invoice by email
  • Delete - Permanently remove the selected invoices from your list
  • Register Payment - Quickly add a payment to the selected invoice

Filter your list of invoices by selecting the Filter List button and filter your search with any of the below:

Filter list button above list of invoices.
  • Time Period - Choose between All, Today, Last Week, Last Month or From-To
  • Status - Choose from Draft, Unpaid, Paid, Due, Reminded, Chargeback, Canceled, Cancellation or a mix of any
  • Amount - Choose between All or From-To
  • Client - Choose a specific client
  • Keyword - Enter any keywords
Then select Use Filter to apply the filters, Show All to reset the filter, or Hide Filter to close it from your view.
To export or download your invoices, review How do I export my data? instead.

Invoice Statuses

Invoices use the following statuses:
  • Cancellation - A cancellation invoice that was generated for a specific canceled invoice
  • Canceled - Invoice has been canceled
  • Chargeback - Invoice has been refunded
  • Draft - Invoice is saved and only visible to the owner and employees
  • Due - Invoice is on or past its due date
  • Paid - Invoice is no longer outstanding and is fully paid
  • Reminded - Invoice has been emailed to the client with a reminder email
  • Unpaid - Invoice is outstanding


Why are my clients not receiving emails from my Monsum account?
Below are some common issues with emails not sending:
  • Confirm the email was sent - In your account, go to Subscriptions, then select the Invoices sub-tab, look for the envelope icon and hover over it to view the date, time and email address the email was sent to
  • Have Client check junk/spam folder - If you're not using your own SMTP server, Monsum sends emails on your behalf which can be accidentally flagged as spam or junk mail, have your clients mark these as safe in their email client to ensure it arrives in the inbox next time
  • Check your SMTP Server settings - If you’re using your own SMTP server, ensure the data is up to date in your Email Settings